How to Do Due Diligence when Trading with a Trust

Trusts can be tricky to understand, and as a result, you might not even know you’re trading with one. We’re here to clear up the confusion and help you learn how to identify a trust and protect your business with the best practices for due diligence.

In this paper, we will explain trusts in a way anyone can understand, answer frequently asked questions about trusts and demonstrate how CreditorWatch can help.

We cover the following topics: 

Understanding trusts  

  1. What is a trust? 
  2. What is a trustee?
  3. Common types of trusts 
  4. Other types of trusts

Trading with trusts – problems and questions  

  1. The problem with transparency
  2. Questions about accountability 

How to protect yourself when trading with trusts 

  •  Best practices for due diligence 

How CreditorWatch can help