Combating Illegal Phoenixing

In 2020, the Combating Illegal Phoenixing Bill was passed, reflecting the Australian government’s increased efforts to address issues of corporate and financial crime and fraud. 

In this whitepaper, Combating Illegal Phoenixing, CreditorWatch is putting dodgy director activity in the spotlight.

Illegal phoenix activity costs the Australian economy billions of dollars a year, and affects everyone from employees of the company to the government and general community. 

Learn the differences between legal and illegal phoenixing, the impacts on the Australian economy, and the measures implemented to stop it.

SECTION I: Understanding phoenix activity 

  1. Defining phoenix activity 
  1. The impact of illegal phoenix activity 

SECTION II: What is the government doing about illegal phoenixing? 

  1. Phoenix Taskforce 
  1. Legislation: Combating Illegal Phoenixing Bill 2020 
  1. Next steps in combating financial crime and fraud 

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